Who we are

The Cercle Guitarrístic a Catalunya is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of recovering, group, ensure, organize and encourage all expression or manifestation on the instrument of the guitar family and plucked string instruments.

Paseo por la Barcelona guitarrista

The history of the guitar in the streets of Barcelona.
Friends of Cercle who participated in the Route Llobet in October 2012 in the ninth edition of the International Guitar Competition in Barcelona “Miquel Llobet”

The Cercle team consists of all those interested in the phenomenon that surrounds the world of guitar, People who want to get involved and live experiences, and from the instrument by, actively participating in different cultural.

The Cercle Guitarrístic a Catalunya is an Association that regulates its activities in accordance with the provisions of the Act 4/2008, of 24 April, the third book of the Civil Code of Catalonia, on legal persons; Act 1/2002, of 22 March, regulating the right of association, and statutes. Composition of the Board: Josep M ª Mangado (President), Jordi Codina (Secretary), Jordi Pizarro (Treasurer). Barcelona, 27 December 2012.

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