The Cercle Guitarrístic a Catalunya has a group of professionals dedicated to the investigation and recovery of the historical memory of plucked instruments.

In Catalonia we have a long tradition, as illustrated by the researcher and guitarist Josep M ª Mangado:

Tratado de la guitarra de Joan Carles Amat

Short Treatise on the guitar, written by Joan Carles Amat Catalan, The first edition is missing 1596. This edition is 1627 Lleida

Catalonia has a long tradition with plucked string instruments, lost his memory in the mists of time. We know the history of the guitar through multiple representations of instruments consisting in Catalan painting of the fourteenth and early fifteenth, topically find the Virgin appears with several musical angels. The doctor Montserrat Monistrol: Juan Carlos Amat (as. 1572-1642) Catalan is the first to publish a short treatise on the guitar, published in Barcelona in 1596, Spanish Guitar entitled to five orders…

These and other historical reasons are driving the obligation to preserve and keep alive the history of the guitar and his brothers instruments related, because without your story today would not be the world's most popular instrument.

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